Insights and Inspirations - Experience a better life!
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Insights and Inspirations has been created with one aim - to help people discover a better way of experiencing their lives - whatever their current circumstances. 

When you feel better about yourself, and your life, you tend to have a positive, inspiring and uplifting effect not only on yourself but on those around you.

My hope is that, through learning how to create a better life experience, happiness, understanding and tolerance will simply continue to spread - making the world a better place to live in. 

Perhaps a little ambitious, but you have to start somewhere!
With this in mind, I offer 
  • On line courses
  • Talks / Presentations    
  • One to one coaching
  • Live Workshops
which are both informative and self-empowering, on subjects chosen to inspire a better life (see Schedule).
I am also qualified in the following therapies/modalities and offer one-to-one sessions:
  • Emotional Freedom Technique 
  • Tapping Into Wealth®
  • The IN-Vision Process®
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) 
  • Time Line Therapy 
  • One to One Coaching

I also offer Crystal Healing (both personal sessions and workshops).
It is my hope that the information, ideas and therapies I put forward allow you to become aware of how your thinking can make your experience of your present situation either wonderful or utterly miserable!

At the same time, I aim to give you tools and techniques to change your thoughts, and your limiting beliefs, thus changing your life for the better.
And the transformation can truly be that simple!

And just a quick note about the name of my website:

"Insights" - from those AHA moments when you see something, perhaps from a different perspective, and it all makes much more sense.....

"Inspirations" for the wonderful feeling of being inspired, excited, feeling connected to you and your life's journey......
Please just browse the website to find my next event, or book to connect with me for a personal consultation and start your journey to discover a new and happier, more successful and fulfilled you!

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