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Crystal Healing Workshops
There are regular workshops designed to teach you about using crystals to enhance your life, to bring about healing and to give you an understanding of the world of energy.
These workshops teach you the very basic information you need to know to use crystals for yourself, and others! There are 3 modules - each standalone, that build a sound knowledge of the uses and benefits of crystals in your life, whilst developing your skills and awareness. Lots of practice time!

Each workshop focuses on, and explores, a particular chakra and its associated crystals.
The seven main Chakras form an integral part of our energetic system and each one corresponds to physical location in the body and emotional states.  When a chakra is out of balance, it can cause us discomfort, distress and disease!!
Within a workshop we will explore:
o   how and why imbalances occur in a particular area,
o   how they impact on our day-to-day lives, and
o   how we can heal them, using awareness and crystals
The overall aims of the complete series of workshops is to
o   gain a deep appreciation of the qualities and the practical use of crystals in healing (in layouts and in many other ways), how to care for them, choose them, wear them etc. on a daily basis
o   learn about what causes us to be in a state of dis-ease and dis-harmony, and how we can change that by using crystals
o   learn about, appreciate and respect our energy system alongside our physical body
o   give everyone a far greater sense of who they are, and the power they have over their lives (instead of feeling they have none!) and their potential.
o   change and enhance our day-to-day lives for the better by changing the way we see and deal with things.
In addition to exploring a selection of crystals and a particular chakra, each workshop includes:
o   A manual/workbook
o   An opportunity to develop your intuition and awareness of energy
o   A chance to try out different healing layouts and techniques
o   A chance to experience different vibrational energies, both from crystals and colour and their impact on us
o   An opportunity to share and learn from other like-minded people in the group
o   One to one help as you carry out the practical exercises
There is a good quality selection of crystals available for use during the workshops, and these and other related items are for sale should you wish to purchase them.

Each workshop is standalone. Although it is, of course, better to come to each one in turn in order to get the whole picture, you can still gain if you have missed one, (i.e. attendance on Workshop 3 is not dependent on you having been on Workshop 2). 
Simply check the schedule to see when that particular one will be run again.
So, whatever your level of experience, there is something for everyone in every workshop.
However, if you have no knowledge of crystals or crystal healing, it is recommended that you attend the Introduction to Crystal Healing Workshop first.

These workshops are not accredited, and are priced to be affordable and accessible to those who do not necessarily want to set up their own business.
They provide enough content to allow you to use and work with crystals with confidence and to benefit from them in your day to day lives.
They are also designed to inspire you and encourage you to delve more deeply into the subject.
If you are thinking of developing this on a business level, you will need to get formal training on a recognised accredited course otherwise you will not be qualified as a crystal healer, neither will you be insured.

These are workshops that fall outside the established series covering different topics 
 - Different energy work
 - Exploring crystals in more depth / in a different way (e.g. via intuition)
 - More advanced tools and techniques for using crystals

and will be listed in the schedule as they become available.

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