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Transform your Money Story

This series of powerful and effective processes, using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) allows you to eliminate unconsciously held (i.e. hidden) programmed beliefs about abundance, money, and wealth, freeing your mindset so that you can move forward and create a life that you want around money!

Most people would probably like some more money in their lives, perhaps to give them "financial freedom" so that they have disposable income, instead of living hand to mouth, or perhaps you have a feeling that you are not earning your worth, or perhaps you do not have enough time or energy to do the things you would love to do.

It might even be that you long to create or grow your own business, doing what you love, but you just don't have any ideas (or even the confidence) to bring it into reality.

This is where this programme comes in. 
Through a series of amazing processes you firstly gain clarity about your personal money story, and then each session serves to free you from layers of long held doubts and fears which have been holding you back from being your best self. 
Then you can choose to move forward, expand and share your gifts with the world!

Those gifts could be simply be your happiness and peace of mind as your whole mindset around money changes and you become more willing, motivated and empowered to make a positive difference in your money. 

Or they could be the sharing of your talents as you open your own business doing what you are so good at, and love to do.

Maybe you can choose to work less hours, and yet still be paid really well....remember - there is someone on the planet doing just that - so it's not an impossible dream!

My doors are open to help you access each of the stepping stones to a better financial future...and the peace of mind that comes with that!

(I offer this programme as a Tapping into Wealth Certified Coach)

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